The End of … America … Humanity ?

By W J Anthony

Did you receive the email, that is listed below, that was sent to me?

A copy of the email is posted below on this page.

Recently, a new product has arrived that will threaten the future of America and humanity. It could become equivalent to or greater than the British Empire’s plan … to destroy China.   Britain used war to defeat China and force opium to be sold to the people of China.  Do you remember ?

Check the email listed below and see its potential to addict Americans.

“sexual royalty”…

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Could the consequent addiction and destruction of our youth and adults . . . by their habitual use of the product that is listed . . . be as disastrous in America and other countries  or even surpass the destructive effects that opium causes ?

If this “product” is not legally controlled, what can we expect to happen in the lives of our youth and adults ?

Should this product not be allowed to be purchased and used by anyone . . . without requiring the legal purpose and the control of its use . . . as is required for the medical purchase of opium?

Do you see the possible destruction of humanity that I see?

Are you listening:  Congress ? Legislators ? Mr. President ?

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