Where the Power lies …

The Truth is … ???

By W J Anthony

You and I may be regular readers of commentaries by writers from investment firms, that assume the credibility or expertise in knowing market conditions and tendencies that could suggest success or failure for investors in the profit dividends paid to stock investments in foreign corporations or in money market funds or in countless, other ways to spend and gain or lose money.

One report in particular, among many, predicted an eventual failure of the US dollar as the world currency and the rising and possible soaring success in buying silver and gold, but especially silver.  Silver, they said, gained greater proportional profit than gold during the present time and during WW2 and a few other eras in history.  Almost the next day, that investment report suffered when silver suffered a surprising drop in value – gold did also,

Then, I discovered a startling report by a website, which I have never found reason to ignore or oppose in the many times that I read it on the Internet.  It revealed that many experts fumbled or covered-up why and when recent banking systems collapsed.

The video link below tells the story.  If the major media would be honest, this report should be their top story.  The Congress should be honest and prove or disprove what the report reveals:  “where the real power lies”.  Don’t expect Glen Beck or O’Reilly to truthfully deal with these facts.

Click the link below, choose “banking malfeasance”, which will bring you to the video: “banking goes better with coke”.


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